The Chronicles of Tofubaby I

For the last six months, my life changed totally. I was very shy then and have a secret depression that I couldn’t seem to make go away. I have been like that for the past 10 years of my life ever since my mom died in 1994.

Anyway, my year started very nicely. I enjoyed our New Year with my fiancee’s aunts. They have this habit of throwing money in the floor for the “kids” to get. But this time around the “kids” are now aged 20-27 years old. And the game is a riot. I’ve been pushed and fell to the floor a number of times. And I’ve also eaten my heart out. I have never enjoyed New year again since this year.

Then business is quite good. I had my first HOM where I signed up as a supervisor and paid the fee.  I was quite proud and happy. 

Then last Jan 12-14, I had my very first Philippine Spectacular and its really amazing. I couldn’t believe I was there. I just gave my all. And the return is tremendous. I couldn’t learn what I learned there from anywhere else. I got to wear my very first dress since I lost all that weight. I couldn’t believe I could look like that. I trully believe now that I am beautiful.

I also got to meet Mr. Jim Rohn there. I met him twice in the hallway. And I know that’s an omen. Soon, I will be able to talk to him as if he is my grandfather. I know he’ll have another 25 years in his life.

That time also, we’ve got to watch the Pyrolympics over the Manila bay as we are very near it. And its quite a show.

Unfortunately, guys, I have no pictures, yet. I will soon.

The law of attraction says,  Ask, Recieve and Align.  I am now doing that.

I thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers. This all came from you.