About Me

Hi! I’m Abbie (also known as tofubaby), a 33 year old Filipina, a wife to my ex-boyfriend and a mom to a 3 year old wonderful boy. I work as an accountant for a ship agency in Manila for 10 years now.

I always thought that I would find myself working in a field related to arts. But practicality gets a better hold of me and I ended up counting money for other people.

Jane-of-all-trade is one word to describe me. I’m so interested in a lot of things that I’m so confused on what my passion really is.

My interests range from freehand drawing to crochet to fad diets to literature to electronics to Philippine law. I had once devour information or studied about these topics in my thirty years of existence.

When not searching for my true passion, I love playing with our son and day dreaming.