Supposed to be a Rant Post

I got mad early today. I was ready to write about it but decided not to. I don’t want to attract a scene like that again. Its been a long time since I’ve gotten very mad. I choose not to think about it and make my mind go blank. As in blank. Deadma.  Then I got this very good advice from this site. Hope you relate to it too.



3 Comments on “Supposed to be a Rant Post”

  1. carla says:

    cute yung baby. ^___________^

  2. sexy mom says:

    you did right, dedmahin mo! it really doesn’t pay to be angry and to entertain the anger. yes, it is good to write, but to post? am not sure, because most often, an hour after the onset of anger, or give it some more time, the anger would subside. also, in angry moments, we tend to say or do things which we really did not mean. wrinkles, wrinkles – we do not need them, we also do not need the negative energy.

  3. tofubaby says:

    Carla: Cute nya no? Nabawasan ang asar ko nun nung nakita ko yung baby talaga. ^_^

    Sexy Mom: Thanks. I already have learned my lesson. Its just fortunate that nobody (hopefully) read my rant. But still I don’t feel very good after reading my post afterwards. And also the wrinkles! Tatanda ako. Hehehe. Thanks for coming hot mama. Come again soon!

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