Responsible Blogging

Once upon a time, blogging is just a hobby. It was a secret world for me as not a lot people I know knows that I blog. It’s not that I blog about people I know but I refrain from telling them because I am afraid of being criticized and judged. But who isn’t?

Looking back at my past posts over the years, that what I thought is somewhat silly.  Because whether they knew of my blog or not, they have something to say about me ( good things I hope 😉 ).

However, looking back at my old posts, I find them now somewhat lacking on substance and worthwhile reading. Maybe its because I am more mature now. I’m smarter, happier and hopefully wiser.  Whatever the cause of my change of heart about it, I believe its better than before. Continuing to blog nowadays, I believe that I should be more responsible. My future posts should be at least one of the following.

  • educational
  • informative
  • funny
  • inspirational
  • should be from the heart ❤

I will refrain from using foul words. And my future posts should be something I wouldn’t be ashamed of sharing to other people.