Surprise! I found your blog!

I was so surprised this morning when a friend of mine sent me a private message that goes something like this.

Friend:  Nay, Korean dramas, ah ^^

Me: huh? what do you mean?

Friend: on your blog

Me: What blog? Where did you knew about my blog?

Friend: It’s on your status

Me: On my status?

(looking at the status but not seeing anything but the busy icon)

Me: Wtf! How did you knew about it?

Friend: It’s on MyBlogLog

Me: Wtf

Friend: your status shows your blog update

Me: Wtf

(searches for yahoo settings etc)

Me: I can’t let this happen. How can I complain on my blog if it announces everything!

Friend: Ha ha ha

Well, thank God, I found where I could disable the sharing of my blog. I know, I know. It’s weird. You want your blog to get the highest possible traffic you can get but somehow I’m not comfortable having everyone I know discovering my haven on the web. But it’s funny, you blog because you want other people to know.  And yet here I am preventing the same that thing to happen. I still have to make up my mind.

Anyway, for those who want to turn off (or turn on) the automatic updating of your signups in various now owned Yahoo sites. You can go to your yahoo Profile account > Updates  and uncheck (or check) the box with the Share My Updates. Or you could just change the settings on the right side of your account whether you wanna share it with Everyone or No One.

Yahoo Profile

Well, its been so long I wasn’t on the blogging scene that a lot has already changed. Well I wonder what else has changed. I just can’t wait to find out ^^.


7 Comments on “Surprise! I found your blog!”

  1. My FB also updates when I have a new blog post. But I am doing it on purpose lol!

  2. dimaks says:

    good thing you found the way how to disable the broadcast.

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