Blogs that have Changed my Life

I have now been blogging for almost two years. And I began to recall what blogs have changed my life or blogging life as of today.

1. Magic

This girl had got me started it all. I was then already burnout at the office and I need something to relax me abit. I was already then strating to be a net junkie as finally I have time to browse finally at our free internet connection at the office. I was beginning to know about blogs then and stuff. Then I heard she has a blog! I was excited. I asked her to teach me and the rest is history.

I love the way she compose her entries. I saw her re-arrange it (she used to change the layout every year) and was awed by the talent of this girl.

2. Jaa

This girl used to blog at her other domain Unwinded. She is the one who inspired me to have a weblog of my own (I used to own I was very caught by her wonderfull webdesign that I was so crazy about.

3. Touched by An Angel

When I was starting out, Tita Noemi is one of the first few visitors that I had. She’s also the administrator of my former website. I remember on my first month that I exceed my bandwidth of 2000 and I had no clue. She kindly told me that perhaps its due to my radioblog that all those bandwidth was eaten. She generously lend me another 1000 so I could at least blog my heart out for the rest of the month. I have a soft spot for this woman eversince.

4. Dooce

You wouldn’t be a blogger junkie if you don’t know dooce. I was amazed by her story and its the first time I’ve began to believe that you could really work at home and earn a living as a blogger on top of that. She inspired me to research more about blogging as a means of passive income. Soon I hope so, could be somebody as big as her.

5. The D Spot

Tita D is the one of the few first visitors I have since I let go of my old website (why did I let go? I’ll write about is some other time). She frequently visits my site and very matiyaga answering my comments on her site. I just really love this Sexy Mom. 🙂

I may not visit them as much as I used to due to time and computer availability, I have memorized their web addresses by heart.


3 Comments on “Blogs that have Changed my Life”

  1. chase says:

    Wow congrats for 2 years in blogging. I have been blogging for two years as well! And I like the new template btw!

    Tofubaby: Thanks, Chase 🙂

  2. SexyMom says:

    congrats! 2 years na blog mo, more to come! and of course, visit ako because i love your content!

  3. noemi says:

    aww thanks for remembering me. How are your kitties? I just love cats !

    Tofubaby: She’s doing well. She’s already a young cat who just loves to play with us. Nangangalabit pa kapag di pinansin. 🙂 Thanks for asking, Tita Noemi.

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