Time’s up,You’re Busted!

Every Saturday (eversince we turned into a hiatus mode on one of our business), I found myself enjoying that time of the week alone where everyone else is away, doing their thing.

Unfortunately, today, I found myself at home already late in the afternoon. My original plan was to leave everything out and to blog my heart away which I used to do. But my I couldn’t let myself go far away as there are alot of chores left undone. So, I set up time plan.

My goal was to finish it all before my husband arrives which is around 6:30 pm.  It was already 3:00 pm when I arrived ( I went to buy dog food and cat food or our pets will kill me). I haven’t eaten lunch yet so, I took a break of about 30 mins. Then I attacked the laundry (which was already half way done for 2 days now). I finished hanging the clothes by 4:30 pm. Then there’s still a lot of things unpacked away from our move (we moved to current petite domicile about one month ago) I finally decided to store them all away. Then I have to put things still away in our house which was kind of hurdled by a hurricane. Then the our babies (our dogs, Phoebe and Chloe) starting making sounds which means they are already hungry, so I fed them in between tasks (I don’t know when anymore). Then I realized its already late, and my dad is nowhere in sight which means I am the cook for the moment and they have to bear with my pitiful cooking. I came up with corned beef (without the corn) with local lettuce. Then I decided that I could now clean myself and do MY thing.

To my dismay, while I was feeding the cat, my husband arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. I am very much glad that he is now home, but its been a long time ago that I haven’t been to myself. People don’t know it but I hate being pushed to do something I don’t want to (which as far as my reading have taught me a very distinct Taurean personality). I do things at my own time and my way. I rather not do something if I won’t direct it all the way except of course for jobs that I know first hand requires teamwork. I would glady give you the throne if you want it just be sure that you’ll do a finer job than me.

Anyway, then I realized, time’s up, I’m busted! I won’t be able to write peacefully. I couldn’t focus if somebody’s interupting me all the time (which happened by the way). And now I got an angry husband on the bed with his back turned around and  a pillow over his head sulking because I said something he don’t like. Do everything I say should be disected and analyzed?

I finally got the 15 mins I am craving for. I learned something today. 15 minutes personal time is expensive. But I know I could get it cheaper. I just have to do more research and development. Hehehehe


One Comment on “Time’s up,You’re Busted!”

  1. betty says:

    Why not teach your hubby to blog para maintindihan nya how u feel

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