House Renovation: The Story

I finally found time to write this entry at last! I have to wake up extra early as during the day, I have this urge to do something else again. Anyway, here it goes.

In my previous posts, I have written about that we have been renovating our petite domicile. Its very cute but I feel that this small space is very homey. We were dismayed before with our tenants as they didn’t took care of it like a good father of a family.

Here are some of the before pictures.


The Kitchen

The Sink at close up

Bedroom Floor

My father’s arrangement with our former tenants is not familiar to me. What I know is that they agreed to have this room on the other side of our house (we could no longer put an extension to the house due to the house structure) beside the garage where my cousin (who used to live with us) and my sister sleeps, to be extended. They occupied half of the supposed to be garage with them financing the extension in exchange for one year free rent.

Then like a normal house repairs are needed like need to replace roof sheets or the bedroom floor (I thought they included in the renovation then as I knew very well that half of the bedroom floor was only made of wood). Hence through out time like (16 years) the support of the bedroom floor was feasted upon by termites.

Anyway, past is past. Our tenants already moved. We occupied the space and like a good father of a family, we saw to it that its repair be treated as soon as possible. And the outcome takes away our fatigue.


When were thinking of what paint do we wanted for the house, we both agreed that we want something happy. And since we both love green, when see saw that green pallete (we just call it avocado green and we think of ice cream while doing so), we just fell in love with it

The kitchen is one of most important place for us. People who loves to eat looks first at kitchen’s houses (you could imagine our feelings when we saw the before look of the kitchen). I became even happier when I got my wish of one yellow wall that brigthens up your day.

And the bathroom is a bonus. The purple walls make us think of ube ice cream the whole time we are painting it. The yellow window is an accent courtesy of D. Actually, the purple reminds him of putobumbong ( a kind of rice cake with purple color ) and thought that it needs butter on the top hence the yellow was added.

And courtesy of our friend, Bearhugz, this window


 who we thought is a nusiance really, will turn out to be something beautiful as this

The idea came from D (we have thought about what to do with that window for a long long time and were gald we thought of this) and Bearhugz flashed in his mind as the guy’s talent is one of the best we know.

Hope you had liked the tour of the house. We have a cute house, don’t you think? We had a blast decorating our house. Its not fully finished yet. There’s still a cabinet to be installed there, things to be replaced and etc.


2 Comments on “House Renovation: The Story”

  1. toni says:

    Those windows look beauuuuutiful! What great accents!

    Tofubaby: Thanks, Toni! I’ll relay your praise with Bearhugz. 🙂

  2. carla says:

    wow! you and d do have a really cute house. congrats sa efforts nyo i-renovate yung bahay niyo. tamang-tama ang “avocado green” hehehe bagay na bagay. and i so love the window! =)

    Tofubaby: Salamat, Carla! Tuwa talaga kami sa outcome ng house. Hope we inspire other people as well.

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