House Warming (Finally!)

Our week has been a very, very busy one. And unfortunately, I also experienced one of those what you call mental block. I could think of anything to write that I feel alright. But then, I am tired of waiting for my groove to return so I’ve decided to look for it. ^^, Here’s what have happened lately.

1. House Warming

We have invited our friends over last Sunday for our housewarming (there’s a proposal for part II by the way, but we’ll see). And everybody was so happy (they have to say so or there’ll be bloodshed. hehehehehe) as it was also our official announcement that we are already married.

Everybody loved our choice of color with the house and the food which D prepared. It took us (I’m the messman and 2nd cook) almost 5 hours to do all the preparation and cooking as we cooked it on a charcoal stove which added flavour to the food. And unfortunately, I got to picture only two of the dishes as we are already tired by the time our friends arrived.


I didn’t even had time to take pictures of the before cooking as we were running to and from.

And everybody was excited with the food. Its our first time to cook for them. Though they didn’t told us directly, we were pretty sure that they loved our Spaghetti with pepper paste ’cause they have been coming back for more.

And the guests, I hope they had a good time, they should or their tummy will hurt (a little violent here *heh*).

Aren’t they cute together?

I hope so. Even the our beloved cat matriarch  visited our humble abode. She’s already 6 years old, have a croocked teeth and now hates to bathe. But still cute and cuddly as ever.

2. Change of Work Station

Last week, they moved our department to our old building which was about 15 mins ride from the our building. And stress accumulated due to the change of system procedure. I don’t usually file for an overtime (as I consider myself graduated from overtime a long time ago) but I have to or the consequence of delay is very, very big. Which is also the reason why I haven’t got to update my blog as much as I wanted to. I am too tired to write a couple of sentence. Thank God, we already have our MyDSL connection last week. I could now blog at home! Hurraay!! But unfortunately, our schedule has become a little bit tight. T_T

I haven’t posted all of the things I wanted to. For now, this will do.  Until next time.


One Comment on “House Warming (Finally!)”

  1. Paris says:

    *drools* housewarming/get together are fun. Did you throw coins for the visitors?

    Tofubaby: Hello Paris! I’m afraid not. I didn’t know were supposed to do that. *heh* I guess we have to repeat it again.

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