June: Month of Liberty

liberty-july-2-1927.jpegJune for us Filipinos is considered as the month of Independence as Independence day is celebrated every June 12. But for me June is not only so far have been a month of national independence but as a personal independence as well.

Last June 12, we have finally moved to our tiny colorful space. We love the colors and the atmosphere and we are thankful for the people that helped us make our imaginations into life. My husband is a great decorator and it makes my heart melt when I hear him tells me that its all for me. He wants me to be comfortable as I can be to the simple home that we started to build. I am very grateful that we are so alike in our taste that we don’t argue on how we would arrange our home. God is really good. 🙂

And just last June 16, we are finally approved to move our department to our old building. This is liberating for me as I was praying and attracting the change of scenery for me as I have been ranting before. Now we are staying in a very close room that is so peaceful and quiet. I have never had a peaceful Monday before which is kinda scary by the way. Its not normal so it could only mean darker days to come.

For now, I shall savor every little peaceful time I have and free my mind for stress and be more tuned to myself for now.

Pictures? Soon. Promise.


4 Comments on “June: Month of Liberty”

  1. SexyMom says:

    yes, do savor your peace and quiet, i hope it lasts for a longer time!

    Tofubaby: It will, sexy mom.

  2. life’s simple pleasures are the best to indulge with. cheers for both of you! MayBebe and I moved in late last year to a small place and we’re just a little short of one thing this year – tying the knot in a simple garden wedding. hopefully.

  3. chase says:

    That is so nice and wow your hubby is so sweet!

    Tofubaby: He is and that’s why I love him so much. 😉

  4. carlotta says:

    cheers to your new space! =) can’t wait to see the pics. =)

    Tofubaby: Thanks, Carl! 🙂

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