Out of This World

The title is actually nothing to do with this post content. I am just out of great idea to name what I just wrote about.

Anyway, I’m finally able to relax now a bit. I finally have the “downtime” I am craving from my work. I wasn’t able to blog much as some of might have guessed it (and I hope my company don’t mind as I still finish my work and deadlines), I am blogging at work. I just couldn’t help it as I need to pour out the things that are on my mind before it spills. But don’t get me wrong, I have made some of my posts at home using the not so speedy dial-up (we use Blast as its the fastest we have tried)  with 44.00 kbps and it takes me 2 hours to compose one decent post. *whew*

But I am happy to announce that soon we would be blogging at home. *whopee!* We have just applied for the promoted PLDT MyDSL (the highly commercialized one that teaches kids to tell a “white lie” to parents just to have one) with the speed of (I just truly hope that they are true to their word) 768 kbps.  I just can’t wait till they install it. The downside for it (I’m pretty sure is the

We are almost finished decorating our new home. The paints are now drying up and the smell of enamel paint is slowly fading away. And I think I will miss the smell very soon *heh*

I love the colors that we picked. I am very through with plain colors and we opted to a quite unusual ones. Our paint mixer is quite a talented guy. We just showed him what color that we want by bringing a sample like magazine or cloth and then manually, he mixed the color for us. We are amazed as once upon a time we tried doing the same as we thought that mixing paints is just the same as mixing watercolors.  The basic is yellow plus red equals orange, right? What we came up instead of the basic orange is brown. Perhaps its in the pigments used or something but the thing is it is not easy as it looks.

Anyway, we have not yet taken any after photos yet as we’re still busy with segreggating the trash from the good and the finally can live without things like that favorite undies that so comfortable that it has already five holes in it or those assorted books I have collected through out the years that I have outgrown (our small space will look like a mini-library if I insisted on gathering ALL of it).

In total, we love the environment we created. Its quite homey in its little way. Well except maybe for the bathroom that needed an overhaul. The stains have just placed itself quite firmly in the tiles which even muriatic acid couldn’t do anything about (suggestions anyone?) D is even kidding me that I became obsessed with the bathroom that I spent 3 hours on scrubbing out the stain but with dismal results. I decided to stop when I saw that the muriatic acid is already cleaning out the white textile cement instead of the orange molds, stains and stuff.

Shall update again, soon. For now, please excuse me for not posting another Thursday Thirteen again.


One Comment on “Out of This World”

  1. SexyMom says:

    good luck with your new colorful nest, and PLDT dsl (not that i a discouraging you, because there have been lots of complaints lately. at least, you will not be expecting much)

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