Late Thursday Thirteen

I have been very busy and I have been late with my postings for Thursday Thirteens. As I have wrote last week, here’s my “make-up” entry for them. (Installment No. 1)


My 13 Most Favorite Past Time of All time

  1. READING –  I just love reading. I would read anything and would read anywhere. The habit is already embedded on my blood. I would read anything, anywhere. I even used to read vandalism on doors of the girl’s comfort room. I discover gossips through that once in a while. Too bad, officemates don’t care to vandal. *heh*
  2. SLEEPING/ NAPPING – One couldn’t get enough sleep. I feel refreshed all the time after one good nap.
  3. KISSING – Corny as it sounds, I just love kissing my husband whenever I feel like it.
  4. WRITING/ BLOGGING – Blogging is my personal time. You could say that you can guess the number of times I had my personal time for the week through my blog entries.
  5. CUDDLING – I just like to cuddle. My frequent victims are my cats and dogs.
  6. CHANGING WORDPRESS THEME – Forgive my “ficklemindedness” in regards for my ever changing wordpress theme. I just love trying all the themes out there and couldn’t decide what suites me most.
  7. DREAMING – I could say I am a born dreamer. Even on the times when I was depressed (literally) I was still dreaming of positive things in life. I thank God for that.
  8. EATING – Our family’s favorite past time! As much as we can, we try to “sample” foods (specially if its new at least to our eyes) every now and then and critique the taste to our palate tastes.
  9. DRINKING COFFEE OR TEA – When I am bored and too tired to read and analyze things, I just love having a cup of coffee or tea. It really suites my nerves and calms my mind and makes me ready for the new tasks.
  10. TRYING NEW STUFF – This is a generalization of actually one of my habits. I love learning new things or trying things out. Like, one day I was mesmerized by these fashion jewelries that I saw and said to myself, I could actually make them myself. And I actually did. I am what they call an ETERNAL STUDENT. Luckily, I am picky on what “things” I know to keep and what to ignore like, I know how to smoke but I choose not to. I don’t like the smell of me and my breath afterwards, you see. 😀
  11. BOOK SHOPPING – I confess. I am a bibliophile. I shiver uncontrobably when I don’t get to have at least one new book to my collection at least once a month. I couldn’t help it.
  12. WATCHING TV and MOVIES – I used to love this very much especially on the days that I just want to lie down and think of nothing.
  13. SINGING – This is the most inexpensive past time I have so far. I would sing also anywhere and anytime and I don’t need an ipod or a walkman to do so. I could sing a lot of songs from memory. It must be the “training” I had from my dad whose a radio addict. Our radio is our slave, I tell you. It would be on from 4 am until 8 pm. It would blast news in the morning and non-stop music in the afternoon with exceptions on Sunday’s which radio stations plays songs from the yesteryears.

Please bear with me for not updating as much as I do. There’s still a couple of things left undone which is already screaming at me. Until then, have a nice day.


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