Our phone rings with the minimum of 10 rings a day. If it only rang for only 10 times, mostly because its an internal call. Actually I don’t mind our “allottees” call the office but sometimes they have this urge to call us and ask stupid questions that we could really do without. I am not sure if that is because they are not just informed or really just plain irritant.

I am getting sick and tired of telling them that the regular remittance is end of month. They should check the bank first at the 30th of the month and call us immediately if they don’t find any money.  The special remittance takes about one to three days to process and be deposited to their bank accounts from the day we receive the request on our emails. And any others take the same length of time to be remitted. Simple as that. But some people just don’t know how to listen and a complete nusiance. I pity them. They are not enjoying the benefits of what we call creative listening and selective listening.

Creative listening is listening with not what you want to hear but really just plain understanding the person’s point of view. Actually, we think this is easy. But actually not so. Most of the time we are assuming based on our own experience and not on the other person’s account.

Here’s an example. I happen to like eating very much. I appreciate good food and I know when I taste one. So when somebody asks me if I love eating, I would say I do. But some people would assume that just because I love food means that I love cooking as well, as the two is almost synonymous. Actually, I am not so crazy about cooking. If somebody would gladly take over the kitchen, I would happily give him the throne as I know, cooking is not my forte.  Anyway, I would write about it more  sometime.

Back to telephonophobia.

As  I was saying, I hate telephones due to my work. And I confirmed it just the other day. I am on my way home but I stopped by at the hardware as we need a fuse and stuff when my cellphone rings.

I answered. I said, “HELLO, ACCOUNTING!”

My husband who’s calling me laughed at me hysterically.  I aready answering my personal phone and I automatically replied “Hello Accounting”. I am now allergic to phones.


One Comment on “Telephonophobia”

  1. bearhug says:

    “Hello, Accounting!”

    hehehe, that was funny!
    I laughed after I read that line…

    I’m glad I never answered my moblie with “Hello, Tower records”

    Though, I had been there for almost one year and a half.

    Keep smiling!
    Keep shining!
    Knowing you,,,,tama n kanta pala yun.

    God Bless!
    Happy Wednesday Morning po!

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