The repairs of my OUR place is draining all my energies as well as my clear thinking. I am stressed out and tired. I am sure its the same with D.

Last night after we went shopping for kitchen tiles Wilcon Builders in Balintawak, Quezon City (we bought some very nice ones which I will be bragging posting soon),  we had this weird conversation.

D: Naku, mommy, di na naman nakasara ng maayos yung lalagyan ng cat food! Itinumba na naman nila (my adorable local cats).
Me: Sabihin ko na lang kay daddy bukas na isara ng maayos yung lalagyan. Di nya siguro alam na may kalokohan na naman sina Maggie (one of our cats).
D: Ok. Ok.

Then I go back to the kitchen stove to get some food.

D: Kailangan ba natin ng lalagyan para sa Solignum?
Me: Huh? Sabihin ko na lang kay daddy yung lalagyan ng cat food.
D: Lalagyan ng cat food? (Throwing me an irritated puzzled look) I was talking about Solignum, kung kailangan natin ng lalagyan parang sa varnish.
Me: (More puzzled) Ah, of course.

How is that for a conversation? Oh well, it happens.

Curious about our house repairs? We’ll be posting then soon as we have completed them. So far its already 60% complete.


One Comment on “Absent-minded”

  1. chase says:

    Well probably your mind is drifted somewhere. I am like that when I am thinking of other things.

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