Henry and the Sink

I opened my eyes.

Its only 4 AM.

. . . .

I want more sleep! But my head tells me I should get up and prepare something or else I would be late for office… again!

The kitchen. Sometimes, no matter how spic and spac the homemaker is, creepy crawlers find its way to your domain.

In the kitchen sink, I saw a baby cockroach. No actually, its already in its pre-teens, not a baby anymore.

I took pity. Instead of squashing him right on the spot, I just ignored. Pretended he’s not there.

So in the kitchen sink, I washed my hands, cleaned the dishes (don’t worry, my wares are not touching the critter) and filled the stainless steel sink with water with him almost drowing ( I could sense it’s a he).

But still, the cockroach doesn’t move. At one time, I even thought that he went down the drainage. I was already ready for my goodbye. But I was suprised when Henry (I heard a voice telling me that his name is Henry) emerged from the black hole just in timing with the water is totally drained.

I was expecting Henry to finally climbed out of the sink. He has the courage to overcome all those water, he must have courage to fully save himself!

But sadly, the critter is just contented to be in the sink. There’s no sign that he’s making an effort on climbing the walls (when you are a critter, the sides of the sinks are walls).

Then I realized that some people are like Henry. They are strong. No problems are too big for them. They could withstand any hurricanes and storms. They are admirable for that. The problem, they just don’t realize it that they have the capacity to change their lives. They have the power to climb out of the situation they are in. Still they remain the same.


I have forgotten again its Thursday Thirteen yesterday.  Next Thursday I have three list to make up for it. For now, have a happy weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go online until Monday. We’ll be doing some pretty heavy repairs on the house and I am the sidekick of the repairman, my husband. Until then.



2 Comments on “Henry and the Sink”

  1. chase says:

    What a wonderful insight. That is true that one has the power to climb out in a situation they are in. If one is strong to withstand problems then there is no problem to get out of it

    Tofubaby: That’s what I was thinking *sigh* Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. carla says:

    kahit ipis pa yan, nakakaovercome din ng mga problema. nice insight. =)
    <strong>Tofubaby:<strong> Tuwa nga ako. Thanks, Carla. 😀

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