In my Day So Far

Earlier, I was about to write about how my great day gone bad. It was so bad earlier that I was emotional stressed out and I experienced pain in the chest.

I couldn’t help it.

I was praying that people earlier would just leave me alone.

I was hissing and growling. (Hisssss) (Ggrrrr)

I tried my best not to talk to anybody. I was out of control! I was biting everyone (in my past life I was a dog and then a cat).

And then I took a deep breath.  Tried to smile. I have to stop this destructive attitude.

Its only 11 hours. There’s 13 more hours to go till the day is over. I simply couldn’t let my whole day run like this.

Thank God it turned around. If not yet completely at least there’s now a big change from this morning.

God is really good.


2 Comments on “In my Day So Far”

  1. gibbs cadiz says:

    hi tofubaby, mind trading links?

    Tofubaby: No problem, dear. 🙂

  2. SexyMom says:

    oh, dear…i could not fathom what this is all about…biut i hope all will be well with you!!!

    Tofubaby: Sexy Mom, I actually don’t understand myself either. I am mad at something that’s all in my head! Like I said I had to stop yesterday. This entry will remind me of that. My afternoon went the usual greatness and I am happy again. Thanks mom!

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