Moving along

Our tenants moved out yesterday, Yehey! I actually am sad to have them go. Honest! I could hear somebody shouting “Ang plastic mo!” (You’re so superficial!) No really. They have been there for five years now I think. Its quite a long time. I have not been close to them. I was always away and I had this problem before of people getting close to me. I hate to say goodbyes, you see.

 Anyway, after they left, D  and I thought that we could do some painting jobs soonest so we could move in at last. We’ve been dreaming of it for more than a month now. But when we take a look at the place, we were like in a twilight zone and faced a couple’s nightmare.


The ceiling is broken, the roof downspout/gutter is broken as well, the bedroom floor needs to be replaced (only half of it, thank God), the bathroom has signs of termites, the place need painting and the kitchen sink is yucky! And the place is filthy.

We’re speechless. We couldn’t sleep last night. We’re dismayed.

But still, I thank the Lord for the blessing. We have our own place now. And now our creativity shall be put into the test.

Now off to work . . .


7 Comments on “Moving along”

  1. bearhug says:

    That’s one of the things that actually, made me a lot happier, as my friends, You and your D, moves along to the appartment. And I know how much the both of you wanted to do it.
    Your D told me of that this morning, and yes, I consider it as a “good news”.

    Though, there were some unlikeable things you saw inside, It’s still great that you have the place now, and soon will be a home for two, oh…I mean for “one”, one happy couple.(should it be couple or couples?waaaaa!!too old for this one,)

    I know things will get better and better for all of us, for “You and your D”(“,)

    I was never this excited for such friends before, and I’m very glad, that I am now this much excited for the both of you.

    Always stay happy too, and God Bless!

  2. toni says:

    Eek! Do they have security deposit ba? So you can use that to fix it up!! Getting it fixed will set you back by a lot of pesos, but getting your own place? Sabi nga ng Mastercard, priceless.

    Tofubaby: It’s very sad, they don’t have a security deposit. My dad is apparently is a very generous landlord.

    Looking on the brighter side, we can’t wait to really fix the place up. I’ll post some before and after pictures when we are through with it. 🙂

  3. bearhug says:

    Hello your D, told me some of your plans for the said renovations, and I got so excited to see how things will be after the renovation.

    I hope that I’ll be apart of it somehow,,hehehe,plus with the ice cream and cake when things get done. Do I have to tell the flavor now..but please don’t rush me…okay! okay! I want the black forest and the Cookies ‘n Cream…yummy!

  4. bearhug says:

    Anu ba….I should have read first what I wrote, before the “submit” button,,hehehe
    So I may be able to correct everything.
    Anyway, you’ll still know what I was trying to say …hehehe
    Gosh!!!Sosyal na ko, we used to talk using YM only, and now pa Blog-blog na!
    God Bless sa nu ni D mo.

    Tofubaby: Bearhug, many thanks for the support. Ok the cake and the ice cream granted but we have something special instore for you. 🙂 Hope you could help us out.

  5. SexyMom says:

    now, off you go for your repairs, renovations, and furnishings. good luck, dear!

    Tofubaby: Thanks, sexy mom. I can’t wait till we started.

  6. RennyBA says:

    Congrats for having your home all by yourself! Congrats also for winning Chas short quiz – lucky us:-)

    Tofubaby: Thanks, renny. Yeah lucky us. Wish I could choose the blog makeover as well. Oh well. 😀 Thanks for dropping by.

  7. bratyfly says:

    show us some pictures of your place — “before and after” just like chas.

    Tofubaby: I will, Bratyfly. I want to suprise everybody with the “drastic” change for drama effect. Hehehehehe 😀

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