The Case of the Missing Comments

I have read, sometime ago, that some of the Akismet users said that its irritating as some of their “valid” commenters are labeled as spam. I just ignored. I am more terrified of spams.

When I opened my panel this afternoon, I got curious on the 53 spams it caught. I’m glad I got curious and I saw the comments of my only few visitors. Que Horror! To make up for it, I am posting them right now.

Sorry for the inconvinience Rheiboy, Sexy Mom and Bratyfly. For anybody else that commented but couldn’t see it on my posts,  I hate finger pointing but this time its not my fault.  🙂 Bad akismet! 😀

And oh! I won! Yahoooo!!! I won queerchef‘s quiz on her first year anniversary. And to my suprise, I won! Yippeee! It’s very rare that I win anything.  Thanks again, Chase.


One Comment on “The Case of the Missing Comments”

  1. SexyMom says:

    that has been a general problem in many blogs, and in mine, too. kinda exasperating, because there is that real concern, real sharing, real communicating among friends in the blogosphere–then we would be losing our comments. anyway, it’s somehow improving now.
    and congrats for winning Chase’s quiz.

    Tofubaby: I am now more careful in deleting spams now. I just realized that I am relying too much on them. They should just help us but we still have to direct them. Thanks again, SM 🙂

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