Alcoholic Question

A lot happened this weekend. Actually, I shouldn’t be on the computer right now and should be arranging clothes or whatsoever. I have to postpone the storytelling later. But Ive got a question for everybody. Please do give your opinion please as I am curious and also I need to clear my head about the matter.

The questions are,

1. Do you agree that people who are drunk says their most inner thoughts and feelings?

2. For a lot of experienced parents, How do you define that your child is a good child? In Filipino street language,  “Kailan mo masasabi na may kwenta ang anak mo?”

I still have a lot of questions in my head but I’m currently in a hurry right now. Many thanks for those who will and will not comment.


3 Comments on “Alcoholic Question”

  1. Random Magus says:

    I think we say a lot of stupid things we are drunk and some that we didn’t even know we were feeling

  2. I have never been drunk so I cant say with 100% certainty…I do believe those thoughts dont just come up right then…Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Alcohol does lower inhibitions, making one more likely to tell the truth about things which would normally be too embarrassing. If one is hopelessly drunk (trashed, wasted, blasted, etc), the thought process is so discombobulated that lying, which requires careful thought, is virtually impossible. By extension, however, this also means that one’s statements will not necessarily make sense.

  3. oh and about the good child question,
    I determine that my children are good because they are very smart, they make good grades…if given an opportunity to do the right thing over the wrong thing, 98% of the time they will do the right thing morally, and listening to other parents and their horror stories let me know I should be thankful.

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