It’s a Wonderful Life: Meme

Tag you’re it! I’ve been tagged by Random Magus and been asked to list 10 things that make my life wonderful.

This, I think, will be a redundancy of my last entry but I don’t mind.

 10 Things that Make my Life Wonderful

  1. My husband, D
  2. Chocolates
  3. Art
  4. Cuddling
  5. Hugs and Kisses!
  6. My Cats and Dogs (our children older than the days we are married)
  7. My Sister (she’s always there for me)
  8. My books
  9. Tofu!!!
  10. Contentment

I think that’s it. Brings a smile on my face.

If its ok, I’d like to tag Sexy Mom, April of My Little Corner and Cha of Taratitat. I love their blogs the first time I saw them. (No problem if you don’t like being tagged – feel free to ignore as well. No hard feelings.) 😀


6 Comments on “It’s a Wonderful Life: Meme”

  1. scart says:

    hi i came from queerchef… yay! chocolates… its your 2nd that makes you life wonderful… i love chocolates too but i give up on it coz im afraid im getting fatter huhuhuu 😦

    Tofubaby: Hi, Scart! You could still eat chocolates but not get fat. You just have to control the urge to eat the whole bag as they say and try to eat more of the dark ones. They are “healtier” than the others as the experts says. *heh*

  2. Random Magus says:

    If it brings a smile on your face it makes your life wonderful… hope you didn’t mind too much.. my tagging you!
    Take care!

    Tofubaby: No problem at all, dear. 😀 Tag me anytime.

  3. pieterbie says:

    I would have thought tofu would have been in the n° 1 spot.
    Your likes are OK to me, except for the husband, of course, I’ll stay with my wife if that is OK with you.
    Haven’t met your sister, though…
    “The Queer Chef pimped me here”.

  4. chase says:

    I like to eat tofu as well but I hope I can prepare tofu as skilled as some cooks. Oh cuddling and kisses are definitely a must have!

    Tofubaby: Yupyup. I could stay “glued” to my husband and be contented. 🙂

  5. rheiboy17 says:

    i remember back in college, i have a classmate from the north. he said i love dogs. (yeah, everybody says taht) and then he paused…… and said BECAUSE THEY ARE DELICIOUS! whaaaat!
    all eyes on him. so tofu baby, why do love (cats and) dogs?
    Tofubaby: DOn’t worry, doc, I love cats, and dogs, because they (1) cuddly, (2) loves you even if you don’t put deodorant, (3) get mad and never be talked back (sometimes), and (4) loves you back affectionately no matter what. 🙂

  6. aprilfoolnyc says:


    I didn’t know you tagged me (good thing I have the habit of visiting all the blogs on my blogroll). I’ll play along of course, as soon as I get the chance.


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