Thirteen Thursday #2: Things That Makes Me Happy

I have been on a weird mood lately. Honestly, I don’t like it one bit. But somehow you can’t just help it and the day seems to swirl around. I need to switch into a positive mode soonest I can and the fastest thing to do, as per advice of the books I’ve read, is to think of happy thoughts. You could never be negative on a happy thought. I feel like a “lost boy” on Peter Pan.

What makes me happy? I think I better enumerate them. And its Thursday Thirteen! Great! I have lots but this is the first time I am gonna collaborate it and put it on writing.


1. D – I may sound cheezy or corny but the sight of my husband just makes me happy. Even just the nearness of him makes me smile.

2. Chocolates – I just love chocolates. I have this weird notion that the best time to eat chocolates is first thing in the morning so I could solve the problem with the calories. Yummy!

3. Books – I am crazy over books. I want new books every month. I couldn’t help myself. I am always thirsty for smu…err… a read. *wink*

4. Vacation – I have been working non-stop now for six years. I want a long vacation. But I can’t seem to stop. I have to.

5. Tofu for Lunch (Yummy!) – Need to say more 😀

6. Cats and pussies…errr…Kitties, I mean  – I am crazy over them! Sorry Snoopy, I am just more crazy over Felix and Garfield.

7. Getting crafty  – I love crocheting, sketching, sewing, making stupid non-sense like pencil holders ( I’ve got 3 already *heh* ), trying to make works of art like paper mache etc.

8.  Teddy Bears – Not too many knows that I adore teddy bears. I don’t own much as I wanted to but a teddy bear always put a smile on my face.

9. Tea – I love tea, especially green tea.

10. Videoke – I love singing! One of the fastest mood changer is singing. I just love to sing.

11.  Sleeping – The thought that I could sleep in my bed after a long day makes me happy.

12. Encouragement  – Sometimes out of nowhere, somebody gives me a word of inspiration or encouragement. I am very grateful for such words and really makes me happy.

13. S – E – X  – I’m just being honest. The S word with my husband does bring a smile on my face and makes me the happiest woman on earth.

Note: Images are from the net through yahoo image search, except picture no. 1.


3 Comments on “Thirteen Thursday #2: Things That Makes Me Happy”

  1. The Artist says:

    Love the chocolate being top of the list. Am totally with
    you there.

    Tofubaby: Chocolate, yum yum!

  2. pieterbie says:

    My wife and I lived a vegetarian life for the first 3 year after we got married. Today still, I try to avoid eating meat. But tofu? No thanks, I don’t ever think I could get addicted to that stuff.
    Sex: thank God it can bring a smile to your face.
    “The Queer Chef pimped me here”.

    Tofubaby: I couldn’t explain it either why I got addicted to tofu. I just did. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

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