Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things about Tofubaby

1. I used to stopped eating brown chocolates of any form for more than three years. I just resumed again last year.

2. I love flowers but too practical (a.k.a. cheap) to buy one.3. I prefer ice creams over cakes anytime.4. I love the feeling of being barefoot. I hate shoes. They hurt my feet.

5. I am most of time in the state of ficklemindedness. I am very slow to decide as I want the best decision always as much as possible.

6. I have been a computer geek since my neighbor showed me how to play the atari.

7. I used to weigh 170 lbs. I have already lost 30 lbs. of it.

8. I always wanted to do sport things since I was little but I was always discouraged. Bawal lumabas ng bahay (Its forbiden to go out of the house)

9. I discovered I am a bookworm when I was five years old.

10. I could draw first even before I could write my name.

11. I learned to swim on a small river while on vacation at Sorsogon, Bicol.

12. I learned to do the backstroke in Boracay.

13. I love finger foods, the main culprit for my non-stop eating. 🙂

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4 Comments on “Thursday Thirteen #1”

  1. Random Magus says:

    Your T13 as fun…and some of things we have in common are:

    I love shoes to look at but hate wearing them, as 90% of my shoe collection hurt – all my shoes bite 🙂

    I too suffer from being fickleminded… its so difficult for me to decide its insane.

    I love reading – its my one of my biggest source of joy

    I love eating – period!

    Just going to put up my Thursday too.
    By the way when it says leave your link in comments and I’ll add you [says the same on mine] – how do you do that?

  2. congratulations on the weight loss !!! That’s wonderful! I love the idea of the Thursday Thirteen. Did you make that up? Is this something you do every Thursday??I am not sure how to link it all back but I am going to make one up too!


  3. tofubaby says:

    @ Magus & Chok – Leaving a comment with your site is fine. And when you hyperlink something (a word or picture maybe) from your blog to this site, it creates what they call a trackback. I think that also counts as a comment.

    I now sound geeky. I just knew the stuff from lingering too much in front of the computer :-D.

    Thanks for participating.

    I stumbled upon it from Touched by an Angel and just “clicked” it through the main site. The history can be read from there too.

  4. sexy mom says:

    so many things in common, we have — chocolates, going barefoot (i never wear shoes, ok na sa akin ang step ins, flower, i like both ice cream and cake.

    we are opposites in the sense that i do not dilly dally on my decisions–i decide fast! and most of the time, they are good decisions!

    Tofubaby: You’re so lucky you could decide fast. Sometimes, I actually irritate myself for being so fickleminded. But once I decide, I stand very firm with it.

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