Gathering Thoughts

A lot of have been going on my these past few days. If one could see how fast my mind changes topics, I would one over a hazzler channel surfer. Its usual for me to sometimes get tounge tied due to the incoordination of my mind with my mouth. The mind is faster than my mouth. Heck, my hands are sometimes faster than my mouth especially when I am angry (which I am grateful not often).

MOVING UPDATE (for the nth time)

Anyways, I am, or should I say, WE ARE going ga-ga of thinking over and over again. I WANT TO MOVE TO MY NEW HOME NOW! D and I are very much excited. We both feel that we shall find the peace of mind we are both looking for there. I just have to make myself busy. Horray! Its now only 10 days to go before end of month!PREGGY NEWS! 

Monday was a great day for a lot of my officemates. One of my mates, M, have been trying to have a baby for more than a year now. Its a challenge for them actually as her husband is a seafarer. After they got married last year, unfortunately, they didn’t concieved. And to her delight, finally, she is now 6 weeks pregrant!

Another one is I. They feel that they are now ready to have another baby. Her oldest is now 4. That monday afternoon, she went to her ob-gyne and had her test. And to their delight as well, she is also one month pregrant! Hoorray!

I was happy for them, really. Until my officemates after hearing the two good news then started counting how many in the office are now officially pregnant. They have counted eight including the two new ones. EIGHT! Then they started asking who’s going to be next and they’re pointing at me. Everybody seems to be hurrying me up to get pregnant and have a baby! I want to run and hide. Why they seem to make me pregnant too soon? I know, I know. Babies are cute and adorable. It makes the family happy for some unknown reason. Perhaps the magic of giving birth is the reason. There’s magic on finding out that you could make a life out of your own. But honestly, I am terrified of the idea. I am not ready yet to have a baby.  We are terrified that we can’t give our child the life that we want her to have (I’m sure its gonna a girl the first time). Having a baby, I know, is a beautiful thing. I know they will quit bugging me about it soon.


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