I have already had a one on one talk with our tenant (whose still at our house!). If only I could keep him there forever, I would but unfortunately, the circumstances were laid like so.  He graciously asked to give him at least until the end of the month to move as apartments that are cheap and safe are hard to find.  Our rent only costs about USD 26.00 ( Php 1,200.00)  plus half of the electricity bill which includes the water bill as we run the house with deep well water plus a very peaceful environment. I couldn’t blame them. In the years that I’ve been semi-away from home, I always have this urge to return home. I long for the quietness of our place. We are fortunate that our house was located in between two semi-vacant lots, one is a private property that was untouched by the owner and the other one is a abandoned warehouse that was put   on fire a couple of years ago (it was a headline).  I remember my mom used to say that the reason most of our househelps leaves us is that the place is sad as it is always quiet. But for me, my home is a haven. Though it holds a lot of sad memories, it still holds happy ones too. Its time to make more happy memories there.

Anyway, we have started packing things now. We started last May 1. We already brought clothes that we don’t wear often, books that I have read for the nth time, wedding gifts, computer spare parts and other knick knacks.  We were on a home “things” shopping now for the past few days. So far the list of what we need are like this:

  1. Plates  already got two sets and one semi-set but no bowls!
  2. Spoon and fork
  3. Plate rack  – we bought our favorite wood rack!
  4. Kitchen pots and pans  – Sunnex wares are on sale with 20% discount! We’ve got a casserole type and a frying pan. Our ninang already gave us a rice cooker.
  5. Kitchen utensils  – we have a frying thingy (so much for my kitchen know-how), and a wooden spoon. No knives yet.
  6. Kettle
  7. Canisters
  8. Mugs and Glasses
  9. Chopping Board
  10. FOOD!!! 
  11. Refrigerator
  12. Gas Stove
  13. Dining Table
  14. Place mats06.05.07
  15. Pitchers
  16. Iron and Ironing board
  17. Bed and Pillows
  18. Phone
  19. Clothes Cabinet  05.05.07
  20. Hangers
  21. Trash Can
  22. Bed and Pillow Covers
  23. Carpet – Our living room (we’re planning a japanese style one as our space is small 🙂 )

 We’ll I guess we would be adding up more in the future. What else do I need?


The past few days, the my constant everchanging mind got the better of me. I am “itching” to buy myself again a domain name and go back to my one of my favorite hobbies, wordpress theme tweaking. 

Last year I own the domain, I didn’t renew my registration as I feel that I don’t like the name anymore. But in the process,  I really learned  alot. I learned, at least, basics of html, php and css. That blog also helped me get through some of my tough times. Especially last year that I thought my life is going on  a spiral with no definite directions.

Anyways, I am still obssesed in finding a perfect site name for me and my husband. I want a domain name that we could share but the idea is still on a rough draft. Any suggestions?


6 Comments on “Finally…”

  1. chase says:

    Actually I also moving in to a new place as well. Though I only stay there during weekdays so it will be convenient for me to go to school as well as no problem in going home late at night after film shootings.

    I am also thinking of the same things to buy for the new place.

  2. sexy mom says:

    you seem to be organized, doing things way way in advance. yes, moving is a major activity, good luck, dear, hope yours will be the perfect house, that you will turn into a perfect home after you move in.

    as to domain–you are right, the name should be one that you will have for keeps. good luck with the name search.

  3. tofubaby says:

    @chase – I can’t wait till we really move! We are so excited. Hope you find the perfect place. 😀

    @sexy mom – Thanks for the compliment. We are enjoying plannin very much. We’re very lucky that we both like same styles (we adore wood works) and materials. We’ll do our best to make it perfect. And if it has flaws, we’ll still learn to love them. 😀

  4. aprilfoolnyc says:

    I can’t get past the $26 rent…
    Here in NYC, you’ll be lucky to find a $3K rent for a studio apartment in a nice area.

  5. tofubaby says:

    Wow,$3K? You could already buy a second hand car with that amount here!

    Their rent is only about USD 26.00 as $1.00 is equal to Php 47.32. So the Php 1200.00 is only $26.00. Thats already a lot of money here. But like my friends say, our rent is very cheap. The usual price of an apartment here is Php 2500.00 to Php 3000.00 ($52.83 to 63.40). Thats already heavy on the pocket for some as the daily minimum wage here is $7.50/day (Php 350.00).

  6. aprilfoolnyc says:


    Those monetary figures are making me laugh (or maybe wonder). I just filled my SUV with gas last night and it cost me $56.00. I spend $10 on lunch alone everyday and that is just Salad or Sushi plus a drink. A decent dinner for two people costs over a $100 here in NYC.

    I should probably move there someday when I retire.

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