One-Day Blog Silence: In honor of the victims at Virgnia Tech

One Day Blog Silence

The Virgina Tech shootout caught my attention first thing I opened my internet explorer yesterday.  I am sad and thinking “what on earth is going on?”. Then the updated news this morning, saddened me really. The reason why for the shootout have a big percentage that it shall be lost forever as it was confirmed that the person behind the shootout shot himself after killing 32 people and leaving 28 more injured. What they could do only now is give the best possible conclusion for the reason why Cho Seung-Hui did it. Its just really sad.

I think Sexy Mom have a great question, “What if Cho Seung-Hui is a blogger?” Perhaps he could have an outlet to let all the rage inside him out. One thing I personally learned is that you need to have “extracurricular” things where you could let your anger and frustrations if you don’t have the fortunate support of the people around you. Its good to be a loner but be sure to have a social life. No man is an Island. For me blogging helps me to let my frustrations out. It helps me think. And with the help also from “strangers”, it brings another angle to the the situation.

Anyway, I am joining the One-Day Blog Silence on April 30 in in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech. Its the least I can do.


4 Comments on “One-Day Blog Silence: In honor of the victims at Virgnia Tech”

  1. sexy mom says:

    If he were a blogger, he would have diverted his energies and negative thoughts into writing. He would have vent his anger in the blogosphere. Blogging would have been an outlet. Bloggers may be alone, they may be lonely, but they can reach out to others. They also have other people reaching out to them at the click of a mouse. Blogfriends are just a click or even a chat away.

  2. tofubaby says:

    @sexymom ~ I agree, mom. That’s why I love blogging. It helps me alot more than I am writing. Its just too bad Cho didn’t have the opportunity to do so. 😦

  3. Vanessa says:

    The idea that he might have had a blog is an interesting one… and if he did, I’m sure it will be uncovered with time. There would be some real insight there, I’m sure! However, I don’t believe that blogging would have prevented him from doing what he did. I agree that it’s important to vent your frustrations, but I’ve known of a few cases where people who have been bloggers have committed heinous crimes, and for a blog to just sit there with no comments, can be a lonely, frustrating thing in itself…

    It’s all so terribly sad…

  4. tofubaby says:

    @Vanessa ~ I know what you mean that blogging can sometimes be lonely also. I did experience it myself. The theory of Seung, What if he was a blogger would remain a mistery. And bloggers commiting crimes is really saddening.
    Thanks for dropping by.

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