Monday Madness

Mondays are busiest day of the week at work. Its the day also that I am most irritable. Sometimes I wonder if these gentlemen have any common sense at all. They have been embarking and disembarking from vessels for the the last five years and yet they don’t remember the procedures of what to do next with their papers. Perhaps being aboard makes one dumb. Then these gentlemen are very lazy reading signboards and papers. You have to tell them what to write (like a five year old). Its like I was hired to think for them. But to be fair, not everyone of these gentlemen looks like a lost child. Some of them are like smart-ass kids that loves to make a fool out of you. Some looks like they’re suffering from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). They couldn’t just wait. But perhaps they just need to go to the bathroom badly.

But actually, there are some pretty decent persons whom I also encounter everyday. And some are actually fun and interesting to talk to. When I ask about what they do, they are very accommodating, patient with me to feed information that I really have no idea. Though there are also some that will answer me briefly and tries to get away from me as fast as he could. They’re afraid to be questioned further as if the skill in running a vessel is a big secret.


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