The Evil Urge

Sometimes I wish I don’t have a conciense. If you take out consience from a man, I believe that is when a person can be truly evil.

Sometimes I pretend I am evil. Its a lot of fun since you don’t need to think of others being affected by your decisions. You don’t need to worry if another person suffers from your actions. You shouldn’t care what others may think of you. You can freely talk and do what you want. Give opinions about everything regardless even if its unsolicited.

The only good thing about it, I think, is that people will leave you alone. You have peace (?) and quiet for as long as you want.

But being bad is so easy. Doing good is a challenge. But do you believe that there’s a truly evil person that exist without a conscience? What an interesting person to me for a while, a bit eccentric at it seems. 

But what do you think?


One Comment on “The Evil Urge”

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