Imeem: What’s on your playlist?

Yesterday, I discovered a great  an online community where artists, fans & friends can promote their content, share their tastes, and discover blogs, photos, music and video called Imeem.

Its a good alternative for people who love music while working on their computers (like me). You can make a playlist like in the Windows Media Player using mp3s that has been uploaded by other users and mp3 that YOU uploaded.

header_whatsonyourplaylist.gifI find this nice as I don’t have all the music tracks that I want on my computer. I was able to browse for OPM (Original Filipino Music) that I find hard to get my hands on like Gary V’s Sa Yaweh ang Sayaw. With the player, I don’t risk my computer with downloading songs from the net with free viruses or trojans. I can also bring MY music wherever I go provided I have a computer, internet connection and the lastest Macromedia Flash Player. You could choose what songs you could add to your playlist may it be local or international.

If you’re on a band, a DJ or one guitar and a dream, you can promote your music or video and create custom playlists so fans can hear and see your music.

If your a film director, you can promote your films to fans and movie buffs. Upload trailers, movie clips and behind-the-scenes footage that will create buzz for your upcoming releases.

I know there are other “web providers” (please forgive my technical terms as I am not very familiar with them) but I think,  Imeem is a little different of sort.

To view my profile in Imeem, click here please.  Happy listening. ^__^


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