Anime, A Glimpse of Japanese Culture

Do you believe that when you watch a movie made from another country, the story somehow reflects the culure of the country from where it came from?  Last lenten season, we had the priveledge to do a Japanese anime marathon. We started with Gokusen, a story about a girl who’s the next generation boss of a Yakuza family who wanted to be a teacher mre than anything else in the world. Then, we saw Cardcaptor Sakura, about a girl who released a set of magical cards guarded by Keroberos and Yue which was made by a powerful magician named Clow Reed. And last was Hunter X Hunter, about a group of friends who joined a group of people to become a “hunter”.

As my title says, I believe that anime is a glimpse of Japanese culture. Not all of it may be accurate as anime is in fact are fiction only. But I believe that fiction has a basis on which the story came from.  Please correct me if I am wrong as I have not been in Japan myself nor I have met or had a conversation with a genuine Japanese but this are my observations.

In the three story we wached, All of them have the “habit” of saying good luck to a person they know whose about to go and do something important to that person. Kinda nice, don’t you think? They usually say, “Work Hard”, “You can Do it”,  and “Keep up the Good Work”.

They are very corteous people, always saying thank you to anyone that made them even the slightest favor.

They love saying “Ohayou” which means Good Morning. 😀

And,  I really like the way Japanese adapted the western culture. They bend the rules and made the western clothing as their own with the distinct style of Japan.

Oh well,  these are just observations.  I repeat, I have never been to Japan but I hope one day, I would. I want to experiene the Cherry blossom fall. I want to go and experience summer festival and the likes. And I want to eat Takuyaki! Yummy!

For now. Harigato! Sayonara!


4 Comments on “Anime, A Glimpse of Japanese Culture”

  1. aprilfoolnyc says:


    Do you change your blog “theme” everyday? I thought it was black the other day…
    Ah, women, women, women…
    As the quote says “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”.

    I don’t think Japanese anime are popular here in the US (unless I just don’t notice because I’m too old for it). Maybe because people here cannot relate to their culture.

    I’ve been to Japan twice and I was so impressed I wanted to move there. But everything was super expensive as compared here.

  2. tofubaby says:

    @april ~ About the theme, yes. Something like that. When I have my own site, I almost change my theme literally everyday! I couldn’t explain this attitude of mine. Perhaps as the quote says, “You are not a woman if you don’t change your mind often” 😀

    You are right about the expensive cost of living in Japan. Actually, that’s the part I am worried about if ever I will visit Japan.

    About anime, did you know that anime means adult cartoon? The cartoons are not really meant for kids. They even have what they call “hentai” which we call simply call cartoon porn. Maybe you could see one? 😀 (me naughty girl ^___^) Not that its a habit of mine.

  3. aprilfoolnyc says:

    What I know is “anime” is short for animation and can be children’s or adult cartoons. Maybe japanese anime IS adult cartoons. But anyway, we have some popular adult cartoons like South Park and King of the Hill which I cannot force myself to like. But, hey, that “hentai” you’re talking about, it got me curious (there’s really something to learn everyday). I will definitely check it out (see if it can turn me on, hahaha!)
    BTW, I was cleaning my computer with all the junk files I store and I saw the Harry Potter naked pic. I was going to delete it but before I do I thought you might like to see it so I’m sending it to you (whether you like it or not). LOL.

  4. tofubaby says:

    @april ~ No offense meant, I tried to like South Park but sometimes I just don’t get it. But Drawn Together is a favorite until the cable don’t run it anymore.

    I must say, I’ll just pretend didn’t “see” Harry in his glorious form when I see the next film. 😀 But what a sight. *heh* (Naughty me ^____^)

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