Girl Talk

Yesterday, for the first time I went to an ob-gyne. I took the courage to go there on my own. I knew that when I got married, I have to think about feminine hygiene and family planning and perhaps other stuff that I missed knowing from books. 

header.jpgI seek advice from my friend and officemate J, and she thought of the same thing. She referred me to her gynenocologist who’s practicing over at Makati Medical Center. Then the plan was formed. I will go there as soonest possible.

So I took a half day, tried to finish all of my work which is endless by the way, and just went. It was my first time to go to Makati Med. I entered the back entrance of the building as it was the nearer road from my office. I was smiling as I really have no idea where would I go. I just knew I have to go to Dra. S’s room at the 4th flr, have my name listed and then go to our health card’s referral room at the 2nd flr.

When I entered the building, I looked around, saw the staircase and just went up. I am not sure if that stair will really lead me to the rooms I need to go to as I recall some hospitals have a lot of “wings” that sometimes don’t have a interconnecting road. I am glad that MMC is have a not so complicated building. I was amazed that they their doctors have their own “practicing” rooms or clinics where their patients can go to.  When I used to go to the hospitals with my mom, I can’t seem to remember that they have these rooms.

After being at the hospital for 2 1/2 hours, I finally met Dra S. She’s really beautiful as J have told me. I sat there and told her that I just got married and discussed things in few words and she seems to understand me completely. She asked me if I already wanted to have a baby and stuff. She said she wanted to see if my ovaries are alright as I know, there are ovary conditions that the woman must have a baby soonest or she will have serious ovary problems.

And you know what? My first visit to the o.b. is kinda cool. The doctor is nice and I got a look of Kris Aquino in person. She just got from her o.b. as well. I didn’t took pictures as I may look like a papparazi.  🙂


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