Vegetarian Aspirations

While surfing the net this afternoon, I came across to the GoVeg website and a bright idea came flashing above my head. The idea is “Why don’t I try to be a vegetarian?”

There are a lot of reasons why I should be a vegetarian and there’s also a lot of reason not to. Some of the reasons why we should consider being a vegetarian are found here. But here in the Philippines, it seems hard work. I am not sure if I can do it. Though I love eating tofu all the time, I also love fried chicken very much. But I do remember seeing a truck full of chicken being delivered to a market once on EDSA and its not a pleasing site. I remember seeing some of the chickens already dead and some other are very near dead. I brushed off what I saw thinking that its meant to be.

But anyway, I remember there are alot of type of vegetarians. There’s the (1) Lacto-ovo (2) Lacto (3) Ovo and (4)Veganism.  The difference between the four is best explained by the chart below taken from here.


But as I remember in the movie Notting Hill (love the movie), one of the dates of Hugh Grant is a fruitarian which is also a dietary practice associated with vegetarinism.

To go vegan or not? Right now, I’ll just try my best to eat right. Buy the best nutritional food within my budget. So I guess, more tofu for me. I feel I don’t have time yet to do food planning at the moment.

Update: I wrote this last night. But this morning, I had hotsilog ( hotdog, sinangag at itlog ) or rice with hotdog and fried egg.


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