Positive Attitude

I am having a hard time channeling my mood into a positive one. I don’t like what is happening in my life now. I am getting weary some. When people around you are full of negative energies, its very hard to have a positive attitude. Wish I just could evaporate. They keep on complaining but doing nothing about it. In order to change, you have to do something different in your daily routine. You also have to evaluate what are the things you have been doing that hindering change in your life. Getting mad or angry won’t get you anywhere. Channel the this energy into a driving force to get the change that you want.

I am tired. Until when shall I endure this. I have to get hold of myself.


5 Comments on “Positive Attitude”

  1. aprilfoolnyc says:

    I wish everyone could see that documentary “The Secret”. Although I am a skeptic, it somehow affected me. Since I saw it, I have been watching my thoughts and shun all the negative ones the moment I realize them.

  2. tofubaby says:

    @april ~ actually, that’s what I am trying to do. I have seen the documentary over and over again. But somehow, along the way, I still drift away from the concept. I try my best to join the bandwagon again as I know in my heart, its good for me.

  3. rheiboy17 says:

    you know we call it BRP in residency days – brief reactive psychosis. its normal to feel sad. down and low at times. but always remember, life is not always on the down side.

    everytime i get intoxicated with my job, and seems that everything will collapse, i always state my mantra – I LOVE MY JOB (or in general, I LOVE MY LIFE)

    tofugirl, parang hindi ako ito, ano bang pinagsasabi kong kaseryosohan? haha. wag kang mag-alala – KAYA mo yan!

    i believe in you! (hope you dont mind adding you in my linkin park, bisitahin kita lagi ha)

  4. tofubaby says:

    @rheiboy17- thanks, doc. 🙂 Tuwa naman ako. I’ll do my best. Kaya ko yan sabi mo nga. Ty again.

  5. sexy mom says:

    as long as you have a positive attitude, you will be able to fight off bad vibes. and move out of the environment, if you can, and FAST!

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