Sad Day

Yesterday, I was phoned by my husband and told me a news. Our friend’s brother died of an accident last Tuesday on the North Expressway on his way home from overtime at work while riding a passanger L-300 van past midnight. The driver fell asleep for a second and was suprised to see when he opened his eyes a dump truck in front of him and swayed to save his side. The driver’s manuever hit the seat where kuya Patrick is position. He was siting in the door side of the van. The impact was so hard that the van positioned itself under the back side of the truck. Kuya Patrick died instantly. He’s only 32 years old.

I am really sad. And I couldn’t help myself for having tears swell in my eyes.  I, personally, am not close to kuya Patrick. I couldn’t even remember his face until recently. But one thing I know, he and our friend, Tina, are very close. And it breaks my heart to have Tina experience such grief. It brings back memories for me as well.

But I know, Tina can survive this. I did. In my own way. She is so lucky that she have her whole family at her side. I am very proud of the way they are handling the situation. I can see they are trying their best to carry the load as lightly as they can. They are one of the families that personally, my husband and I would like to have. We have nicknamed then somewhat 7th Heaven family of the Philippines.  The values they have brought up their children to, are those that I wished my parents have given me (not that they didn’t give me any, but mine is a different story).

Tina (if ever you’ll be able to read this) don’t forget that we’re here for you. You just need to look behind if ever you need cheering up or anything or just plain hanging out. For me your not just a friend, you are also family. We love you very much.

To kuya Patrick, you’ll always be remembered. 


2 Comments on “Sad Day”

  1. sexy mom says:

    my condolences…and my prayers. it’s so sad, but come to think of it, we are all going toward that way.

  2. tofubaby says:

    @sexy mom – yes, we’re all going that way. That’s why I feel that I really have to live my life as much as I can. I do not know if tomorrow or later, I wont be here anymore. Much like my mom.

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