Just cleaning up the corners of my mind

I have been denied again for the nth time of my dear old cousin. As usual, she never have the guts to protect me from other people’s attack. And I thought she understood me and my passion regarding the biggest influence in my life. Why do I keep hoping she would understand? I guess what the one saying, “Its either they get it or don’t get it” is true. And I thought she believe me. From now on,  I would never be comfortable again working in this office. I didn’t know that the people whom I needed support from are actually laughing at me, ridiculing at me behind my back. I forgot, why would they support me when I don’t gossip with them at lunch. When I don’t listen to their complains and woes about work, their family etc.

I am fed up with my work. Why in the world I am still staying here? I don’t know. Because I am secure? I am really f**cked up actually. Some people just couldn’t be patient in regards to money. Some even thought that we are a bank that once we finished his cheque, it actually has to be taken to the bank first to be credited to their account. They don’t have the common sense to think up that there’s this thing that we have to bring to the bank the cheque first or that he’s not the only person that we cater to or that this its allotment time and we’re really busy. I hate it when they ask me something and don’t trust me on whatever answer I give them. I hate it when they come here to the office and roam around as if they have left their brains at sea.


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