Tied the knot

wedding_rings.jpgYes. You read the title correct. I am happy to announce, Tofubaby is now a married woman. Yes, I have tied the knot. Or should I say, I am now tied myself in a knot.  🙂

D and I have known each other now for more or less 10 years. We’ve been together for more than 6 years now. Sometimes, I pinch myself to see if this man really does love me. And God really answers one’s prayer. I prayed back then for a man that will love for who I am. He will love me beyond my physical appearance. One who will always be there when I need him. And God is really good. He gave me more what I asked for. He is not perfect, but that makes me love him more. 🙂

I met D in my senior in high school. We were together in an club. Actually, we were more of an acquaintance back then. We never been classmates. I just knew that their family have a store in front of the public school near us and their place in a great place to hang out.  ^_^

I really can’t remember exactly when the two of us got together. Perhaps its the time when he and a freind of ours, visits our house out of nowhere every Sunday after their ROTC. Perhaps it was the time I hide in their house when we are already on a sem break. Or perhaps, it was the time he invited me to go with him on their family reunion that none of us “barkadas” was invited to.  We are already senior in college then. And it just happened. We just didn’t care about anything. I just knew I love him and he loves me. I never felt such emotions for such a long time. I thought I would never experience such happiness. And loving him is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

And after all these years, we finally decided to join the band wagon. D and I were civilly married by Mayor Zoy Santiago of Obando Bulacan, last March 8, 2007, in front of our parents and close relatives. It is one of the happiest day of my life. Now, I am really replacing sad memories with happy memories. I feel I have enough sad memories for my age of 25. Enough is enough.

I am happy. I couldn’t believe I am now married.  I am content.

Pictures? Not just yet, hope you don’t mind. Please wait for the church wedding on December.  😉


3 Comments on “Tied the knot”

  1. sexy mom says:

    and this starts another chapter in your life…best wishes, dear, may the good Lord always protect your relationship, and may God be the center of your lives. remember, you have entered into a commitment, and don’t let anything get in the way of your marriage. there will be lots of ups and downs, but let your marriage sustain, not that a small misunderstanding will let one of you leaving. i am a romantic! will wait for the photos.

  2. tofubaby says:

    @sexy mom: Many thanks for the advice and kind words. I needed that. These are the things that I would not be able to get from my mom anymore. Thank you so much.

  3. […] don’t know. I am still on the process of analyzing a lot of things in my life. I got civilly wed to the man of my prayers, just about two weeks ago. And I am […]

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