List of Likes and Loves

Suddenly, this came over me this morning.

index006.jpgI LIKE FLOWERS.  I’ve been denying myself of flowers since I don’t know when. I was convincing myself that they are a waste of money ( as I am a practical person ), but still when I see other people receive one, I couldn’t help but sigh. My favorites are daisies, tulips and orchids. But actually, any flower will do. I love flowers.

I LOVE COLORS. I am always the colorful person. I love pinks, purples, bluegreens (aquamarine if you like), yellows, oranges, greens, blues etc. However, there was a time that I was into black.

I LIKE BREADS.  I love them more than rice. I could eat bread alone for months. I like gralic bread, wheat bread, muffins, short breads, white breads with peanut butter and banana, and french breads.

luscious_ice_cream.jpgI LOVE ICE CREAMS. I could make pass on a chocolate cake but never on a chocolate ice cream!

I LOVE HUGS & KISSES! No, not the chocolate one but the warmth and feelings of a good hug and kiss from your very love ones.

I AM CRAZY OVER BOOKS! If I could wear my books, I wouldn’t wear the same outfit for the whole year. I would spend my Php 2000.00 (USD 40.00) on  a book than a blouse on the mall. Why? I couldn’t help it. I’m stkimono.jpgill a controlled bibliophile.

I LIKE CHINESE/JAPANESE THINGS. I couldn’t help but felt awe at the artistic way many of the japanese and chinese stuffs are made. I am very engrossed right now with Kimono’s and the way they are styled and made. I am also going crazy over chinese lanterns that I’ve been mooning over since gradeschool.

I LOVE ARTS & CRAFTS. I can draw first before I learned how to write. I remember I would draw our house and the people in it. I would also draw on anything even on our wooden closet. I have this skill of putting two or more colors together without making the person’s eye looking at it swell. I could do sewing, crocheting, cross stich, paper toile etc. etc. all day long.

I LOVE SCHOOL In other words, I am a geek. 😀

I LIKE GARDENING.  I am interested in this art since I was in gradeschool. Unfortunately, I haven’t found time yet to do so.

I LOVE SMALL TOYS. Some prefer toys to be bigger, the better. I rather have been all put up in a big basket.

I LOVE H! It changed my life. Before, I avoid photos, gatherings, any opportunity that requires me to show up. I used to hate myself and nurse a very low self-confidence. Thanks to H, I could pose to the camera without having a thought that somebody is making fun of me.

20050103_994_carnelian12.jpgI LOVE ANIME. I could watch anime all day long.

I LOVE DENNIS. I would never love any other man, ever. And I am lucky to be married to him soon.

I LOVE TOFU! I could eat tofu every day. Fried tofu, Steamed tofu, Tofu with egg etc.

I could write things about what I don’t like but somehow, writing things in a positive way is much better. 😀

 Note that these are just a few of what I love.


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