Window Web Shopping

Here I am again, bored with work. So I’m being naughty again and surfing the net during office hours. I’m being bad again. I am not supposed to be writing about “negative” things as I am attract it as they say.

Anyway,  to overcome boredom, I went “window web shopping”. And here the goodies I found at Anthropologie, Allison, and Wary Myers. In real life, I don’t know if I would and could wear or use these outfits but they really look one of a kind.


ring2.JPG    740119_cam_frt.jpeg

71219_gad_frt.jpeg    skirt.jpeg        bag.jpeg

I couldn’t also help but smile everytime I go to Ms. Posie’s site. I am in love. It makes me very happy. The reason? I don’t know why. I guess I have to anylze it further (boring). But one thing I know, I could do what she is doing all day long without getting tired of it.


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