Interior Rendovouz

When we were in college, a friend of mine and I made a pact that after graduation and  then working after two years, we shall both take up interior design course at a local university near us, since we both didn’t took up courses that we are most related to. I ended up taking BS Accountancy and she, BS Banking and Finance.  

I have been working now for more than five years too and she’s the same. But unfortunately, the pact is now just a private joke for us. We do not share much now in common and our practically gets the better of us. I rather put my money on investments and her time on something else. But for myself, that spark still remains here in my heart. My dreaming of art, my enthusiasm for crafts and my love for beautiful things (regardless of price) still remains and kept haunting me.

Throughout college, though I didn’t took up architecture, I am always fascinated how a building or a house was designed. I really amazed by the structures that shaped like simple flowers but was painstakingly computed to uphold the strength of a building. I am also a very big fan of save spacing interior designs of houses, pads, apartments etc as my own room is a very small one also. I was or still always dreaming or imagining something that will make my room much more interesting.

Some of my all time favorite are these from a japanese magazine that we have kept for a long time. The owners of the houses or apartments ( I don’t know because the description is in Japanese! ) are artists aswell. I love the details and what they did on their rooms. Someday, I’ll be able to renovate our house and do the same.


1. room, 2. room2, 3. room3, 4. owner, 5. owner2, 6. hallway

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Note: Pls excuse my French attempt on the title. If you know the correct spelling, pls do tell.


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