Art Talk!

I love drawing since I could remember. I always doodle when I am not doing something. In  my notebooks from elementary up to date, you could find a doodle there, a drawing here or a page of practiced calligraphy. I always thought that I would end up an architect or a fine arts graduate for that matter. I know I have a good eye for beautiful things, color combinations, art quality etc. I have also the skill to do crafty things like crochet, knitting, paper toil, etc. I don’t mind sitting for long hours doing these things. But life has a different plan for me. I was beginning to embrace it. But I don’t know why they kept giving me chances to have a glimpse of what I can be or perhaps I could still do.

I discovered some wonderful sites that really inspires me to come back to my first love. Drawing!

Eendar* – I really love this girl’s style in illustration. This is the first time I am became aware of the word illustration is not just some word to be used in books. I was discovered her through another artist.

 glamour1024×768.jpeg  devil.jpeg  tximeleto.jpeg

Veerle – This gal is nominated for best web blog design for 2007. I fell in love with her blog last year. And I am still wanting to have a site like her. Its very fortunate also that she is a very good webdesigner. In webdesign, she is my idol.

girl-with-dog-big.jpeg   art-boralit-house.jpeg  paris_girl.jpeg.

Loobylu & Clairetown – These sites are owned by Ms. Claire Robertson. I fell in love with this mommy’s work. This got me the idea that I could also do children’s art work. She’s a very talented children illustrator and toy maker from down under.

cling.jpeg   labor_story_04a.jpeg   madeoutofpaper.jpeg

Some of the other sites to see are HELLOmynameisHeather, Angry Chicken and Oh Sew Pretty. I think I am in heaven. I couldn’t decide which one to choose.

Happy Blog Hopping!


2 Comments on “Art Talk!”

  1. mysonabsalom says:

    Man, I just recently got into tofu myself! Do I have to start listening to Nature’s Enchantment style music now?

  2. tofubaby says:

    Mysonabsalom: Hello! Not really, dear. 🙂 But as my music says, it was my current mood that time. Hehehe. It made me want to go out and relax in the park. So glad you could drop by.

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