Instant Gratification

          Many people are allured by the thought of instant gratification. Most of them are doing it even unconciously. And I have to admit I am one of them. For example, I saw this book on sale on a bookstore. I am practically estatic to find it as I know the book is a very good one. I bought the book and felt very happy. Horray! What a happy feeling! But there’s a set back. Even though its sale, it still cost about 60% of my allowance for the next 15 days.  And I just realized it after I already gave my money to the cashier and I am on my way home. Waahh! I was awed by the thought of having that book on my hand and the happiness I would feel. I have disregarded the consequence of my current actions. And that instant gratification brought me worries. But the action wouldn’t matter if I don’t mind being on a very, very tight budget for the next two weeks if the sacrifice for me is worth it.  But that is if it the case.

        ragnarok.JPGOne of these actions that if ever I could change perhaps is the year I spent playing an online game that left me very happy (yehey!) but unfornately sometimes broke and even made me sick for almost a week in the hospital. I was playing 8 hrs a day, working in the office 8 hrs also plus eating very healthy food (instant noodles! yummy! not anymore). I was thinking what if the time and money and effort ( I am already a millionaire in that game!) I spent in the game, I focused it on achieving a real human goal like a business opportunity, I maybe already a real life millionaire by now and not just in the games. But still, I’ve read somewhere that you have to be grateful still for the past whether it is good or bad. Past failures or experiences are one of the best teacher in life. And I guess I should be grateful for it. If I didn’t experience it, I wouldn’t realize that my current activity back then was getting me nowhere. But still, I guess, I was happy then for a while. It made me forget for a while the problems I have back then because I was so atuned with my online playing. But that’s life.

        Now, I am not more careful with what I do in a day. I don’t want to waste time liked I used to. Now, instead of me trying to get through the day, I take the challenge of making the most out of my day. I try to make the right decisions by enhancing my personal philosophy but finding the correct informations and positive influences. I sound kinda weird don’t I? But no matter. Successful people do things a certain way. Successful people don’t do certain things. Meaning they don’t do things normally and do things in an eccentric way. And I think I fit the bill. And the simple thought makes me happy. 🙂


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