My Sassy Girl: Chun Yang and Weddings

Last month, I got addicted with the Koreanovela, My Sassy Girl: Chun Hyang. I bought this DVD copy of the whole episode without knowing that I am in for a treat. I fell inlove with Chun Hyang’s character that fights through pain and tears no matter what. I’ve unconciously learn to smile even though my heart is already aching or when I am really mad. I fell also inlove with the story line and got really irritated with Mong-Ryong with his childish ways and for being blind all the time.

I also love the way the story ended with Chun Hyang and Monh-Ryong’s wedding. I love the whole concept of the wedding which very simple.  And this wedding made me think of mine. My wedding is something that I really didn’t particularly paid much attention to. Back then its just a bunch of ceremony and weddings are just a mock to the society today. A lot of married couples after having this grand wedding, just split up. What’s important for me is the meeting of the mind of the bride and groom and their promise to stay together forever no matter what. Material things, like great food, fabolous dress and the likes are just luxury. I have to admit it’s great to have a grand wedding like that but still my practical side gets ahold of me. Oh well (sigh!). Anyway, I’ll be married soon.

010005707_l.jpg   010005709_l.jpg 

010005710_l.jpg  010005711_l.jpg   


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