Accepting an Advice and Being Teachable

advice.jpegSome people have a hard time accepting advices. Some thinks that they are being “manipulated” to do something they don’t want to. I know a couple of people who are like that. They hate being suggested to. And I think I am one of those. I usually accepts an advice but I have to think about it for a couple ( that would be a thousand) of times if the advice would hurt me or not. That’s an attitude of mine that is not bad actually, don’t you think? That I guess rooted from a couple of people that they thought they could run my life.

What is the difference of being teachable and accepting an advice? Being teachable, I think, is obeying without complain and trusting the person who is teaching you wholeheartedly provided that the person teaching you is competent. And I think I am also one of those. I know in my heart that I could trust this person and he or she has nothing but the best interest for me.

But when is a person teaching you or giving you an advice or a suggestion? … Actually, I am having a hard time distinguishing the two. Hhmmm.. I think I need to ponder on more about this things.


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