Living Life One Step at a Time

There are many times I wished I was dead.  I am not ashamed to admit it. And most of the time I wish it when I was very down and I couldn’t turn to anybody. I remember it and it was a very unhappy feeling. I never want to go back.

My life started to change when I guess, I “attracted” to come into my life the no.1 Nutrition Company in the world. I was very down then. The only one “thing” where I get my confidence collapsed in my face and everything was a mess. I don’t want to live on. I wished then, I was dead for the nth time. But I guess, I am not meant to leave this world yet. Because after I wish it, I quickly change my mind and think of something else. But I can feel something different at that time. I was wishing it constantly and even got to think of what ways could I kill myself! That’s when I panicked and really asked for something, someone to save me. I need to get hold of myself.footstep.jpeg

Now, I am very happy! I couldn’t explain it! With the help of new friends, in 6 months, my whole life changed forever. And the sad story became a powerful testimony.

Now, I’m living life, one step at a time. But soon, I’m looking forward in running with it.


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