Feeling Down

DiaryI’ll be honest and just write my heart out. Right now, I am a little down as I don’t know the answer to a certain problem I have. I couldn’t help it. I don’t want to think about it because the more I think of it, the more I attract the negative thing it brings. And right now, I think and feel I  have to let it go. Its too much for me. I am feeling sad and lonely and a lot of things that I don’t want. I want to focus on what I want. And I shall get it. I sound like a “bratinella” that I insist that I get what I want. Its the law of attraction. I’ll write more about this “Law of attraction” thing soon. Right now, the reason I am writing a journal is because I need to gather my thoughts and feelings (I am reading a Jim Rohn’s book). I need to sort it out through this so I will be able to focus on more important things.

This entry is just a glimpse of tofubaby. Why I call myself tofubaby? I’ll write about it also sooner or later. 


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