Project “Balik-Alindog”

I am a helpless fan of self-help books. But my sin is not applying them. Meaning I know what I should do, but I don’t do them. Crazy, right? Stupid? Yes. Like right now. I am not concentrating or not focusing enough while writing this article to get things done fast.  And yes I am basically dissing myself here.   :P

Moving on!


In Filipino – Balik means Return and Alindog means body shape.  In other words, Project Bring-the-Sexy-Back.

The story is, I have stopped exercising and monitoring what I eat since September 2013 and that’s five months now. The result  (1) my big tummy is back, (2) chubbier face ( I have a big face already), (3) flabby arms and (4) bigger thighs.  Thank God, my calfs are still perfect for my size.

So, I’m getting vain here.  Well not really.

Last December, I got my blood chem 8 and everything is quite high. My doctor gave me six medicines for graduating with honor roll. And this is what made me really sad. The medicines cost a fortune! And my practical side kicks in. I have decided to go back to exercising which I don’t have a problem.  My biggest challenge is nutrition. It’s the food that I eat.

Now in my quest for a nutrition guide that I can make, I have stumbled upon some interesting habits to try out.

These I got from the Century Tuna Superbods meal plan. I love the recipes but I’m not sure I could do all of it. And there’s more into the program if you care to read thoroughly.  But these I can do

1. Lemon Water  – Drink a glass of lemon water right after you wake up.  Yes, make it your morning water. So far, I have started this routine. And I shall update on what I think this did for me.

Lemon Water

2. Tanglad  Water or Lemongrass Water – I shall try to drink this every lunch. This will take a bit of effort for me because I have to prepare this most likely every two days. Until when? Until I can. :))


3.  Parsley and Pineapple smoothie – This is what they call a Belly Trimer. More of this on my next post.


For the exercises, I’ll be mixing P90x (which already worked for me a couple of years back),  Zumba (we have sessions at the office) and Insanity workout, when I feel I can do them finally.

My worst enemies are FRIED FOODS, CHOCOLATES and TOFU.

I absolutely love the smell of frying cooking oil. They really makes me hungry in an instant.

Chocolates  is my favorite stress buster. When I am stressed at the office, I really must have it.


Tofu, I just can’t get enough of Tofu!! This makes my uric acid quite high which is not good.

I’ll be posting more soon on the progress. A before and an in-progress picture maybe. Some self-made recipes.

Wish me luck :)




The True Millionaire’s Prayer

I was busy a lot. I have several projects starting at the same time while I am still working in my day job. Add to that 5 hours of travel and I’m left with just a bit of time to work on myself. And most of the time, I’m already dead tired. For now, I want to share a prayer, originally from Bro. Bo Sanchez.


Today, I ask You to bless me so that I may become a blessing. Lord, I commit myself to enrich others. But because I cannot give what I do not have, I commit myself to become rich. I commit myself to serve You and to serve the poor with my wealth. Today, I open myself to the abundance of Your universe. Use me as Your channel of love. Give me the ability to create wealth that will bless the world. Increase my financial wisdom and expand my territories. I place my life in your hands. In Lord Jesus I pray, Amen.


After reading again my last post (Death, Grief and Regrets), i’ve decided to make it private. It was poorly written and after a 2nd thought, I have decided I should take it down. I shall be posting again about the topic soon on a more tasteful way.

Starting Over Again

Nope. I’m not writing about the upcoming movie of Piolo and Toni (which I would love to see in the big screen if I have somebody with me since Dada is abroad). It’s about me refreshing the habit of writing.

Its been a long time since I have written anything for myself. And actually as of this moment, I doubt if I would be able to update as often as I would like to. I have the tendency of not wanting to write when hard time comes to my personal life. Experts though advice that people should keep journals to be able to reflect upon events in one’s life to learn from it. In my opinion this is quite true. Yet somehow I choose not to share some parts of my life in paper or the web which explains the long hiatus from my favorite blog. Yes I did have other blogs which all of them are defunct now. Some are deleted since it contained painful memories which I rather forget but still contributes of what I am today. In the past four years, I have matured a lot. I have survived a difficult time in my life. I think I am close to being myself back then, well at least the positive things I know I once was. I’m much wiser but i know there’ s still room for improvement. And one day i will be able to share those wisdom without the hurt.

For now I’ll leave you with the trailer from the movie. Enjoy :)

Not so smart thing to do with my son’s shoes



(1) Because my son loves his shoes which he uses as a “stopper” when he’s playing with his car toy :) and he doesn’t want to use any other shoes.

owen in car

(2)  And mommy patched the holes…

(3) And of course, mommy is proud…

(4) But in less than 30 mins…

Another day in  life in a practical mom. ^_^


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